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  1. Kathleen Farr’s avatar

    In 1982, my then new friend brought me back one of Ogles’s brooms as a souvenir from her annual trip to Gatlinburg. I have adored and used that broom for 35 years. Every year since, I have been saying that I would love to venture up to Gatlinburg to get more brooms. Well unfortunately I never made it a priority until this past week(Nov 2017). My now dearest friend and I travelled up from Atlanta specifically to have David “repair” my 35 year old broom and purchase more handmade brooms. I bought 4 more gorgeous brooms and my friend repaired 4 of her well loved brooms and bought one more! They are simply gorgeous and work remarkably well. They are nothing like a store bought broom. They are natures art!! I am so happy I finally have more of David’s exquisite treasures. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my brooms. I also loved chatting with David, he has a wonderful soul and humorous personality!

  2. admin’s avatar

    We look forward to seeing you soon. In the meantime, remember that we ship anywhere!

  3. admin’s avatar

    Rich, if you spend any time on Facebook, please stop by our page and leave a review. Here’s a link: http// I look forward to seeing you again!

  4. Richard Beer’s avatar

    David…I just called you and said I bought a hiking stick from you at least 20 years ago and I just used it today. It’s a great stick. It has your little white pricing sticker with your name and business address and $10.95 on it. When I come back to Gatlinburg someday I will bring it and have you sign it. I now live in Atlanta but when I bought the stick I lived in Eureka, IL.

    Thank you.


  5. Randy Ward’s avatar

    I live in Illinois and I found a piece of your work. It is a foot long piece of wood with a mountain man on the front. It is signed by David on 7.26.1994….. A beautiful find.
    Thank You,


  6. Cindy Lay’s avatar

    My husband and l are coming to the Smokies the last week of June and would love to visit your shop. Hope to get me a nice hiking cane and broom. Much success in your business.

  7. Wayne Miller’s avatar

    I just happened to come across your site, it’s so nice to see your family continuing the broom making tradition. I visited your shop in 1968 when I was a small boy. My Mother had a National Geographic magazine which featured a picture of Wayne Ogle making brooms. Your family didn’t have a copy, so Mom traded the magazine for a broom. It’s handle is made from a twisted vine forming a loop, the straw is a tight, round bunch. It’s a beautiful piece and is now on display in my home, minus a few straws that my Grandfather yanked out to clean his pipe, he caught heck from Mom for that. All the best to you for keeping this tradition alive.

  8. Angie Stone’s avatar

    My husband I visited your shop one stormy evening in mid July. It was a pleasure getting to meet and talk with you as well as purchase what I believe to be my favorite broom yet, my cobweb broom. I have it proudly displayed in my kitchen and have received many compliments on it.

  9. Shelia Stermer’s avatar

    From Princeton, Kentucky. Visited today August 17, 2015. Bought a beautiful cedar broom today. I couldn’t wait to get home and sweep. It worked perfectly on my hardwood floors ! I love it!!!

  10. Julie Witter’s avatar

    A few years ago we bought a beautiful cedar broom. The stick broke at a place where a knot was in the wood. This year when we took our vacation we stopped by and showed David. Without hesitation he allowed me to pick out a new, brand-new broom! I am so thrilled to have this broom! I refuse to buy brooms not made in the U.S because they’re junk! I am so happy with the brooms made by these people! Thank you! -The Witters (from Newburg, PA)

  11. Jerry & Sharon Stiner’s avatar

    Hi! Tammie and David, we spoke with you at the Art Festival in Gatlingburg last week May 14th and 15th. I bought a cane, and my wife bought a broom with a hummingbird on it. We love your products, thanks for your kindness.
    Hope to see you all again sometime.
    May God Bless you and your business.
    Love the picture of your cat Tammie, she is the boss!
    Jerry and Sharon Stiner

  12. Bob Collins’s avatar

    We visited on April 20, 2011 from Long Beach, MS.

    My wife and I each purchased a hickory hiking stick with compass and whistle. We love our sticks and the care and quality that went I to making them.

    We really enjoyed getting to meet and talk with the craftsman that made them. A rare event nowadays!

    My wife’s dad has been eyeing her stick so we’ve placed an order for a hiking stick for his birthday!

  13. Jean Moore’s avatar

    Hi Tammie & David!! Great website. We still have our broom. Can’t even remember when we bought if from you!!

  14. Wendy Friedel’s avatar

    We were on vacation in Gatlinburg and found your shop! I bought the most awsome broom I have ever seen!!! That was 2 years ago. I have several friends that want my broom. I gave them your website instead!!

  15. Pam Ward’s avatar

    David and Tammie,
    I love my brooms I got while up there at Christmas. The car broom is wonderful for the carpets, especially for the back of my expedition. My kitchen floor has never been swept so much since I got the large broom for using there. I think my kids think it is a novelty to use such a broom as that. Whatever it is, they sweep now, so I love it. Sweeping with a “tree”, what a uniique idea they say. haha. Looking forward to coming to see you in March when we will be back up there.

  16. Mrs. Judy P. Burton’s avatar

    I have been coming to Gatlinburg with my husband for almost 30 years. I have purchased many of Jim Gray’s Prints, and lots of pottery, and have been in your shop many times over the years. We purchased several brooms and a couple of walking sticks. My husband had a stroke this year and we have not been able to come up. I have ordered several prints and lithographs this morning on-line. I also want to purchase some brooms and walking sticks. We live in Alpharetta, Ga. which is about 30 minutes north of Atlanta. I have missed getting up there this year and last year, but maybe we can get up that way soon.

    My best wishes,
    Mrs. Judy P. Burton

  17. Steve Polk’s avatar

    I got a full-size broom with a cedar handle for my Mother and she was very happy with it. It’s often hard to find something that sparks her interest but she started examining the way the broom was made and started telling me storied about how she and her family used to make their own brooms. I also ordered a couple of the whisk brooms recently and am fascinated with them and the stories behind this family. The craftsmanship is excellent and I recommend everyone get at least one!

  18. Brenda Maulden’s avatar

    Love my brooms and hiking sticks! Coming down from Indiana in February to the Artist Loop. Hope to see you and purchase a couple more brooms as gifts!

  19. Jon Ives’s avatar

    We gave carved brooms for Christmas…they are just beautiful.

  20. Sally’s avatar

    I purchased two broom eight years ago while on a business trip and it was the best purchase I have made in year. Being from Calif, I get a lot of comments on them; you bet I display them. Most people think they are art, until I bring them down and start clean. Great quality brooms.

  21. Gary & Jack’s avatar

    Just want you to know your new website looks great! Will be in touch soon…Warmest Regards, Gary & Jack, Naylor Creek Nursery

  22. Tim & Becky Beckett’s avatar

    We had a wonderful time visiting your shop.
    Purchased several Christmas gifts for our mothers and my sister.
    We certainly will stop by again on our next visit to Gatlinburg.

  23. Little John’s avatar


    Your website looks great! Your brooms still look amazing. Hope your well & keep up the good work.

    -Little John

  24. Tator’s avatar

    Your website looks great. I counted my brooms that you made me and guess how many I got…..(5). Ya’ll make the best brooms in Tenn. I hope the craft show turns out good.
    your friends…jerry & diann

  25. Rachel Gibson’s avatar

    I am from right here in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and I wanted to let you know how much my son Oscar loves the hiking stick with the whistle and compass! What a bargain! Thank you, Rachel


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