Hiking Sticks

Carved Walking Cane!Welcome to Ogle’s Broom Shop!
 We are 3rd generation broom makers located in the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community in Gatlinburg, TN.
We also hand-craft beautiful Canes and Walking sticks for all ages.
 We are located at 670 Glades Road in Gatlinburg, TN beside the Jim Gray Gallery near the caution light on the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts loop.  Free Parking.

Remember to call or email us to place an order:  (865)430-4402 or toglebs@aol.com .

We ship anywhere!

Here is just a small sampling of the Canes and Walking sticks we have been making by hand for three generations!

Click on a  picture of a


Cane or Walking Stick

to see the beautiful details!

Take a look out our functional, hand-crafted walking canes…

Beautifully Shaped Root Cane--$19.95

Beautifully Shaped Root Cane–$19.95

Root Cane with Carving--$39.95

Root Cane with Carving–$39.95

Click for Cane Details!

Click for Cane Details!

Straight Hiking Stick--$17.95

Straight Hiking Stick–$17.95

Hiking Stick with Animals--$18.95

Hiking Stick with Animals–$18.95

Click for Hiking Stick Details!

Click for Hiking Stick Details!

Hiking Stick with Compass--$19.95

Hiking Stick with Compass–$19.95

With Compass & Whistle--$19.95

With Compass & Whistle–$19.95

Click for Compass & Whistle Details!

Click for Compass & Whistle Details!

4 Foot Hiking Stick--$12.95

4 Foot Hiking Stick–$12.95

Hiking Stick with Whistle--$16.95

Hiking Stick with Whistle–$16.95

Twirled Hiking Stick--$24.95

Twirled Hiking Stick–$24.95

Click for detail of Carved Hiking Stick!

Carved Hiking Stick–$39.95

Click Here for Hiking Stick Details!

Click Here for Hiking Stick Details!